Images: Ivan Vania
Editor: Roberto Brudaglio
Original Music: Lorenzo Bassignani
Sound: Matthieu Zisswiller
Thanks to Luca Boscagin for his guitars, Claudio Corona for his Accordion and Alex Reeves for his Drumming
The Romería de El Rocío is a procession on the second day of the Pentecost to the Hermitage of El Rocío in the countryside of Almonte, Province of Huelva, Andalusia, Spain, in honor of the Virgin of El Rocío. In recent years the Romería has brought together roughly a million pilgrims each year
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this short film is a personal interpretation made by the images run in Andalusia for "THE BOILING SEA - In The Heat Of The Mediterranean", a 74' documentary produced by Eugenio Manghi, coming soon info@whitefox.it
Thanks to Eugenio & Jacopo Manghi
Additional Images: Jacopo Manghi